Who Created This and Who is This For?

I created this site for the ones who want feel empowered to start fresh, restart stronger, step up to the next level and have a game changing year, month or day.

Hi, I’m Tatiana Escalada but my loved ones call me crazy in part because I do things that seem unusual to others but feel true, scary, challenging or exciting to my soul.

I’ve made it my job to empower all those who feel awkward, excited, challenged, conflicted, confused and scare to go after their dreams. Whether that is starting a new business, a new life or even new marketing campaign.


Because I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, confused, lost, misunderstood, unsupported, in doubt of my dreams, my capabilities, my voice, to fight against my self imposed limitations, comfort zones and un-empowring habits, to fall, to grief over important losses, take an honest look at the lesson and get up to try again, to start all over many times, to triumph over myself and see there’s still so much more to conquer, to create, to reshape, to polish.


Because I know that life is short and too many people don’t really live it. I want to see more people feel empowered to go after their dreams live richer lives and breakthrough the boundaries that keep them from doing so.


Because I want to see more successful dreamers, more successful entrepreneurs.


Because I believe we are both the clay and the sculptors of ourselves and lives. Like clay we each have certain qualities, our lives a certain set of conditions and our mission is to create our own version of a master piece with both and this business is how I get to use my experience, knowledge and abilities to empower others to live their dreams and create a business that click them and their audience.



I’ll use my 18 years over business experience Through coaching, brainstorming, teamwork, workshops, books and quotes,.
  • "Tatiana is fantastic, she knows a ton and helped me understand the foundations to be successful in my business online."
    Graciela Spanish Coach
    Graciela Chagoyan
    Coach and Spanish Teacher
  • Tatiana is a burst of warm sunshine in your day when you are feeling uncertain in life or when you are simply just needing a bit of motivation and cheering on ... She has a hip and modern style .. keeps her comments short and straight to the point .. and always leaves you feeling like you could do anything!!!
    Meaghan Morningstar
    Meaghan Morningstar
    Qualified arts therapist, counsellor and musician.
  • I was overwhelmed about the direction of my online business strategy, Tatiana helped me outline some priorities so I have some clear goals and action steps to take. She is wonderful to work with, thank you so much!
    Nika Garcia
    Professional Singer
  • I contacted Tatiana because I was stuck in my list building startegy. I knew I could generate more traffic and conversions in my site, I just didn't know how to do it! Tatiana gave me the tools that I needed plus way more than I was expecting! She patiently explained how SEO works, and how I could improve traffic and conversions by applying a few simple techniques. I took pages upon pages of notes with great information and action steps to apply into my online business. I am so grateful for having had the chance to learn from a pro like Tatiana. I would recommend Tatiana for anyone who is looking to improve their online positioning and grow their lists in order to monetize at a larger level in their business. Thank you Tatiana, now I know who to go to when I need to take my online presence to the next level!
    Mercedes Maidana
    Mercedes Maidana
    Motivational Speaker, Author, Business and Abundance Coach
  • Before I had a session with Tatiana I wanted to get some tips on how to brand/market myself. She was very open with sharing expert advice and her experience. Speaking to her was like reading a book containing a wealth of information. She loves what she does. In one session, I got clearer about my overall website and naming strategy, SEO and what I need to incorporate to help me crystalize my biz brand.
    Sonia Singh self developement coach and lifestyle coach
    Sonia Singh
    Personal Development Coach + Lifestyle Designer. Founder of aLifeStylebyDesign.com
  • Tatiana, gave me lots of good ideas and helped me see business possibilities I didn't see before! She was a great catalyst for the change I created.
    ChandraScott Business Coach
    Chandra Scott
    Business Coach & Founder of ChandraScott.com
  • Tatiana is awesome! A true business strategist and motivator. She helped me recognize aspects of my business and what I've been doing that I didn't see before in a simplified way so that I could take the necessary action.
    Personal Coach & Fitness Trainer Founder of BodyImageBuilder.com
    Jennie Stone Carlson
    Personal Coach & Fitness Trainer Founder of BodyImageBuilder.com

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